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Elizabeth Hurley Cover Story | Breast Cancer Awareness

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stunned the world when she announced just a few days ago that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The timing of this high-profile disclosure adds fuel to the fire of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which takes place annually in October.

Actress/model Elizabeth Hurley is all too aware of this as Global Ambassador for Estée Lauder's own efforts to bring the disease — which affects one in eight women — out of the shadows. Her grandmother also passed away of breast cancer just before she signed on as the beauty company's spokesmodel in the '90s.

So, Delta Airlines' Sky magazine is running my cover story on Hurley in October's in-flight issue. She was a lovely interview subject with lots of passion for the cause, single motherhood and her fun and campy acting role as a sexy Queen of England in the E! scripted show The Royals.

And let's just say that her trips around the world to promote education, testing and awareness of breast cancer are a noble use of her celebrity!


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