Lifestyle Article: 40s, Never Married, Living Together

My article, 'First Time at 40,' is one of the features in September 2017's print edition of Reader's Digest. It was a rare opportunity to share some personal insights on living together for the first time at 40+. The piece largely focuses on statistical shifts as less people get married and more cohabit in their 40s (and beyond). It's not often I get the chance to dive into this sort of personalized lifestyle writing. I am also contributing to a 'simplify your life' theme package in the December print edition of SUCCESS magazine. But I'd love to write more first-person, proactive, smart features in this vein. I like the balance I get from, on the one hand writing about business and creating branded content, and on the other covering lifestyle, the arts and travel.

As a young up-and-coming writer I had covered this quite a bit on and off (when I wasn't writing music or entertainment stories). For example, I penned a piece about serodiscordant couples (in which one partner is HIV-positive and the other is not), shared my personal experience growing the Kombucha cure-all, and wrote about how different cultures approach dying.

Of particular interest at the moment in the lifestyle arena: changing outcomes and behaviors through active lucid dreaming, late bloomerism, and enhancing creative thinking in the Information Age.

I love that my article on never-marrieds living together later in life was published in a magazine that my great aunt Minnie used to read religiously as a septuagenarian. And while Reader's Digest still appeals to grandparent, it's a pleasure to see it opening up to other age groups too (*case in point: the photo story which starts where my feature ends; it features some dads of the Gen X variety).

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