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AUDIO STORY | Mrs. Huxley & The Ghosts of Hollywood

podcast, los angeles, london, hollywood, memoir, audio

After years of neglecting my blog I've decided to launch a podcast — soon to be neglected as well. But seriously folks, I love storytelling through audio and short videos. The latter is something I've explored in my travels. But to even produce these concise little vids takes ages. So in the interest of committing to something I'm more likely to update — at least once a month — I introduce, leit-mo-tif, a podcast that will mostly consist of my audio memoirs from my LA, Amsterdam, New York and London experiences as a curious journalist interested in culture, world affairs, utopias, dystopias, pop culture, spirituality and magick. My first one is entitled Mrs. Huxley & The Ghosts of Hollywood, just in time for Halloween. It's about my time living in the Hollywood Hills, exploring Eastern Spirituality and having tea with Aldous Huxley's widow, the now late Laura. If you like, please subscribe. If not, enjoy your life anyway!

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