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Travel: The Epic London Dublin Road Trip

I'd been long intending a trip to Dublin but it's one of those places that was on my wish list yet close enough (and grey/rainy enough) that I never got around to it. Yet it was meant to be and manifested anyway, in the form of a cover destination feature assignment for Delta Airlines' high circulation (5.8 million readers a month) Sky magazine. For Delta flyers: the resulting story made it into the August 2017 issue of the in-flight publication. It's also viewable here on this London-Dublin road trip travel article link.

Below is a gallery of outtake snaps from the trip — some random 'visual notes' I took to remember punctuation points of the journey — which took me by train from London Paddington Station, to Swansea, to Fishguard Harbor, and then by ferry to Rosslare and by train again to Dublin.

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