Welcome to STL 4.0

I was indulging myself in digital nostalgia via Internet Archive. Looking at all the old versions of my website dating years and years back was like seeing old friends. These sites were both ghosts of earlier selves and somewhat ancient technologies (remember good old Page Mill?!) .

The last incarnation of my site was in dire need of a makeover. It's no coincidence that during that period I was taking on one of the most rewarding (and attention-draining) challenges of my life: a professional law degree program. Everything else took second fiddle to me not only passing all my classes, but doing so with flying colors. All the while I continued with my freelance journalism (this was an evening course).

And now that that journey is complete, I've had to think long and hard about where I'm at. I've always felt confident in my abilities as a journalist — I've been a published magazine writer since I was 17 and have put myself through the paces taking on ever greater challenges. Now I can feel proud that I have practical legal nous — particularly in the realm of my beloved media law (licensing, copyright, defamation, data protection, privacy law). I also picked up a side interest in competition law along the way.

So my new website is, I hope, a reflection of my new professional self. Armed with both creative, journalistic editorial skills and commercial legal knowledge, I set forth on the road ahead. It's a road whose constant dotted line is media, but whose delightful and serendipitous twists and turns — the terrain I discover along the way — will be filled with fulfilling challenges and an abundance of creative energy...

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